The Doula with a Difference!



Below are a selection of testimonials from past clients - 

The best there is!  Very trustworthy and loving!

"I immediately knew I had found someone very special in Jane when I looked for temporary childcare for our 3-months old little girl in the summer of 2015.   She is our first child and I was not sure I could trust anyone, but Jane's profile and experience impressed me. My family lives abroad and I needed to find someone to help me out. She has the advantage of being fully trained as a maternity nurse and a doula, but is able to adapt to each family's unique requirements, whether you have a new born and / or older children. 

Jane is so loving and caring and supported me and my baby girl when I needed it most, right after those sleep-less first 3 months! She is a great listener and takes all your preferences into account and doesn't try to take over! She was immediately so at ease in our home, I just wish we could have kept Jane for several years, but our requirements changed. 

Through regular training, Jane keeps herself up-to-date with different areas of childcare development research which is very important in my view to be able to adapt to different ways of parenting and different challenges. 

The bottom line is that Jane will make your children happy and you will hopefully, like I did, know that your precious ones are completely secure under her care. It wasn't like having my mother around, but it came very close!"

 Isabelle, Caterham, Surrey


Perfect Match!

Jane has been with us for the past six weeks (July/August 2014) and we could not be more thankful and happy to have her. She joined my husband and me when our first baby daughter was just two weeks old. Jane is a gem!

Jane is very aware what a wonderful and special time this is for us as a family. She is always professional when working in yet such an intimate situation of a new and young family dynamic. When Jane arrived, she brought along a very caring attitude towards our little daughter. She always realizes what she can do to help without having to be asked, she is one step ahead which is invaluable support for a tired new

My husband and I have been able to rest, spend quality time together and catch up on our sleep, due to Jane supporting us during the days as well as nights. We felt assured, knowing that our daughter was in very capable and caring hands. Jane is very trustworthy. Apart from taking wonderful care of our baby, (breastfeeding support, night feeding and winding, soothing, bedtime routine and bathing, helping establishing a sleeping and feeding schedule, playing, keeping baby supplied stocked and much more) Jane is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, reliable and a pleasure to have around the house. She has given us very gentle advice and showed us little tricks which have made such a difference. Jane is also very flexible which has allowed us to travel together at complete ease with our newborn. Jane is mature and not easily fazed, generous and kind which has transmitted a calm, confident and happy little family. She is also very discreet and adjusts very well to any situation.

Jane has even helped us search for a ‘Jane replacement’ once she is leaving us. We feel very lucky to have found Jane and have had such a positive experience.

Jane will certainly be missed and we hope that she will come back for baby number two in the future!

Claire, South of France

 "We employed Jane as a live in doula following the birth of our second child in April 2014. Jane was a pleasure to have in the house and very comfortable, confident and experienced with our newborn.

After a c-section birth her presence allowed me the time to rest and recover whilst knowing we were all in very capable hands. She got on well with our older child and helped him to be involved with the new baby, as well as entertaining him and finding activities he would enjoy when I was tired or busy.

She was very helpful around the house, looked after me well and was very attentive towards our baby. She had strategies and recommendations at every stage and helped us, gently and keeping baby's needs front and foremost, into a flexible routine.

Jane supported all my feeding decisions and helped me to gain confidence with the baby and managing my two together.  I am sure we had a much happier, more settled baby as a result of Jane's presence. Because we were all well supported and rested, it meant our older son was happier too, and had a much more positive experience as his new brother was introduced to the household. I felt 100 times more relaxed, rested and generally human with a month old baby than I ever thought was possible. Thanks for everything, Jane!"

Claudine, Kingston-upon-Thames 


So impressed, so calm!

"Jane was initially with us for six weeks in May / June 2013, after the birth of my twins.

I was initially resistant to the idea of someone else in my home after the birth, but realised that with twins and post C-section, my husband would not cope alone!

It was the right choice.  I chose Jane because she was older and had life experience.  I wanted a calm influence in the house as I also have a daughter and many animals.



I am so impressed with how well she has blended into our rather hectic lifestyle - she is easy to have around and get on with, and she is very patient with me when I've had my new mummy worries. 

It has been a slow recovery post birth and Jane has set everything up and helped with feeds and most importantly nights.  She has taken control when asked and looked after my needs as well as babies. Nothing is too much trouble and she's very very calm all the time! She has a very reasuring level of knowledge. Our family will miss her a lot, she is naturally affectionate with my twins and I couldn't recommend her highly enough.  

Following her initial stay, Jane returned for two further periods of four and then three weeks, in August and October 2013, when she worked nights only, as I had by this time employed other help during the day.  By the time Jane left for the third time, the twins were six months old, and she has already been sent an invite to their first birthday party!"

Beth, Ashdown Forest, Sussex


Mum's saviour!

"We have just had Jane living with us for the last 4 weeks and I dont know how we would have coped without her!  As a first time mum, who worries a lot, Jane was there to reassure me every step of the way. She let us catch up on our sleep by taking my daughter overnight and helped her get into a routine of sleeping. Jane is discreet and fitted so well into the household. It was like having a family friend there. Nothing was too much trouble . I can highly recommend Jane.. Not sure what we are going to do without her going forward! My daughter will certainly miss her along with us.

Dont think twice about hiring Jane, she is fantastic!"   

Melanie, Caterham, Surrey       



The name Mary Poppins springs to mind!

"I've just employed Jane to help out following the birth of my second baby, and I wish I had known her 1st time!!!  For me it is such a relief and help to know that my baby is feeding correctly, being winded correctly, is safe and getting the best care.

Nothing can prepare you for your 1st baby, no matter how many books you read etc., but Jane will guide you and help you and with her support, your baby is sure to flourish!
My private obstetrician gave me several number, including Jane's. After looking at Jane's website and profile I immediately wanted to meet her, and once we'd met we decided to book Jane without hesitation.
Jane has been a pleasure to have in our home. She has fitted herself in instantly and confidently, our 2yr old daughter loves her and Jane is helping her adjust to her new brother, by giving her lots of attention and encouragement. Being able to recover from the birth is so valuable. Having Jane means that we can sleep and get well rested, knowing that our baby is in safe hands and getting everything he needs.
Jane has easily got to know our baby and he is very content and we are all enjoying him with no stress or worries. Jane has recognised everything we could possibly need and sees ahead what we will need. The name 'Mary Poppins' springs to mind!!
There are absolutely NO disadvantages and I would absolutely recommend Jane.  We enjoyed having her stay with us so much we even invited her to join us again when we took a holiday in Marbella when our son was 8 weeks old.
Jane has gone beyond our  expectations by spending time with us and our daughter before her start date to get to know all of us. She has helped our daughter adjust, she is exceptionally organised with babies bottles, clothes, bedding, sleeping and feeding patterns, she sees when myself and my husband have an opportunity to be alone with the baby, she popped out to get some groceries, the list goes on, but honestly she is a pleasure. 

I hope this helps you and I would like to say that you really don't need to hesitate in booking Jane."

 Lietta, East Sussex


"Jane Stevens worked for us between July and September 2011 following the birth of my first baby.  She was invaluable at helping me adjust to being a mum, she is extremely knowledgeable and my son loved her! She was a very calming influence which was especially important during the first few weeks as it gave me and my husband confidence in how to handle our son – reassuring us as to what was normal! 

Jane slept in the nursery and looked after the baby during the night which gave me the necessary rest I needed to help my recovery from a caesarean operation.

She taught us simple things such as how to bath the baby and recommended products and techniques she knew had worked for other clients, for example, tummy tub bath. 

Amazingly, she was the only person who succeeded in getting my son to latch on to breastfeed – despite having input from all the usual people e.g. nurses, Health Visitors, breastfeeding groups etc.

She is also very proactive in helping you decide how you want to manage your baby and childcare when she has left, for example, she helped me find and interview a child minder for when she left.


Jane is caring and can read situations well. She can be very discreet when you need her to be, but will also be available to help – which was the case when we threw a baby welcome party.  

She fitted in as one of the family and we couldn’t have managed without her. She definitely goes the extra mile.


As well as caring for baby, Jane also helped me adjust to being a mum by being re-assuring and ensuring I was OK and getting enough rest; she also helped prepare lunch and dinner and did some general tidying up, helping with general chores such as washing the baby clothes, drying them and putting them away, shopping for baby/post birth things and emptying the dishwasher.

Don't think twice about booking Jane - she is a real treasure!

            Beatrice,  London