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Services available

Initial Consultation

This is completely free of charge, and gives us an opportunity to chat or meet one another and to run through any questions you may have regarding the role of a doula, my related services and me! As you are looking for support at such an intimate and special time, it is obviously important we get on and that you trust me, so this step is invaluable.


Live-in Postnatal Support

Many mums find their first few weeks at home with a new baby can be quite daunting, and extremely tiring, so I will come and live in your home for a while, until you feel you can manage on your own, and you've caught up with your sleep!
Parents often find it reassuring to know that someone is coming in to help and encourage them as they adjust to their new lifestyle, and I like to think that I am very flexible, so my work will vary, depending on your requirements. It may be that I look after your baby while you take a shower or grab a brief nap, and it may help Dad if he knows someone will be around so that he can pop to the shops or do a few jobs.
As your postnatal doula I aim to encourage you to find your own way as a new parent, whether it is your first baby or your fifth.  I can be with you to support and encourage you as you adjust to your new life.
Research has found that an outside presence can have a calming effect on not just the baby, but on the whole family.  Mum's hormones may be playing tricks on her, and perhaps Dad or other visitors are so close that they may also be worrying about baby and mum. Someone used to dealing with new born babies can help create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. It is also widely accepted that having a doula can also help you to cope with and in some cases avoid postnatal depression.

I can also help with information on sibling rivalry or help entertain your older child whilst you spend time with your newborn.  Or if you prefer, I will look after your newborn while you spend time with your older child.

I normally work between three and five days a week, and take a short break during the day, so that I can catch up on my sleep, and allow parents some special time alone with their new babies.

I try and maintain competitive rates, however these can vary depending on your requirements, so please do get in touch and let me know how I can help, and I'll give you full details of my charges.


Sleep Training

Are you struggling to settle your baby into a manageable sleep routine?  I can offer you support during this exhausting time!  Just get in touch, and I will devise a personalised plan for you.

Help on Holiday

Several clients have invited me to join them when they take a holiday for the first time with their new babies so that they can have a more relaxing break, and a little more freedom to go out in the evenings, for example.  Please ask for further information about this service.

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