The Doula with a Difference!


I have two grown up children, and three young grandchildren, who live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  

I have a calm, caring and practical approach to my work and my aim is to ensure that my clients enjoy the best possible transition to family life, and that they are as relaxed as possible at this very special time. I believe having an experienced person around with whom they can share any concerns or worries, issues or joys, is really valuable.
Below you will find a summary of my work experience with the many families I've enjoyed supporting over the last few years, which has included working with many sets of twins, triplets and a number of very high profile families.
 I have successfully completed the following courses:

 Birth and Postnatal Doula Course 

Paediatric First Aid Course 

   Doula UK recognised Twins Course

Doula UK recognised Breastfeeding Course

 OCN Level 3 Sleep Training Skills Course 

I've also completed the rigorous Doula UK certification process and I'm DBS (CRB) checked for your peace of mind. 




August / September 2015

I helped a very busy family in Edenbridge, Kent who had twin boys and a lively two year old big sister. The twins weighed 4lbs and 6lbs respectively when they were born.

June / July 2015

I supported a first time Mum from Switzerland, following the arrival of her beautiful daughter. The family lived in Whyteleafe, Surrey.

April 2015

I returned to Estapona, in Southern Spain, to help out again with the seven month old, fourth child of this busy family, who I had joined last year, when he was newborn. It was a treat to see how much the little guy had developed, and enjoy a few smiles and giggles with him!


February / March 2015

I supported a family in Wimbledon, following the arrival of their second surrogate baby - a precious daughter.

December 2014 / January 2015 

I took a little break from work so that I could enjoy the arrival of my latest grandchild!

October / November 2014

I joined a busy family in London, with a very lively two year old son who had a new baby brother. Mum was Austrian and Dad was half Malaysian.


September 2014

I worked in Estapona, in Southern Spain, where I joined a British family with three girls, following the arrival of their new baby brother!

July / August 2014

I enjoyed working in a fabulous location in the South of France, supporting a very high profile family when their tiny daughter became part of a very special family. 

May / June 2014

I worked in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, supporting a family following the arrival of their second son.  Mum had suffered from serious post-natal depression after her first child was born, but happily, with a bit of support, she avoided the return of the condition.  I helped her plan routines for the baby that fitted in with the needs of her older son, and helped him understand what a fun and important job being a Big Brother was!


Feb / March 2014

I worked in Esher, Surrey, joining a Dutch mum and her Australian husband when their twin boys were six weeks old.  They were born by caesarean section at 37 weeks and were very easy-going little guys, as you can see from the picture!



Dec 2013 / January 2014

I supported a couple in their forties, who lived in Farnham, Hampshire with their month old twins (a boy and a girl).  The little ones had feeding difficulties, which I helped alleviate, and gave a very tired Mum and Dad a much needed breather!



October 2013

I was invited to return for a third time to support a family in Sussex, when their adorable twins were five months old.  I supported Mum when she decided it was time to remove their dummies and adjust their regular medication.  I shared lots of lovely smiles and chatter, which was a real treat for me!

September 2013 

I worked at the prestigious La Zagaleta Country Club, near Marbella, in Southern Spain,  said to be one of the most exclusive places to live in Europe, supporting a British family, following the arrival of their second son.

May / June and August 2013

I worked with a family with twin boys, who were delivered at 37 weeks by caesarean section.  The babies lived in rural Sussex, with their 8 year old sister, four horses, four dogs and two chickens, so life was pretty hectic!

February 2013

I worked in Barcelona for a first time mum whose triplets were delivered by C-section at 32 weeks.  Mum was Spanish and Dad Italian, and their instant family consisted of two identical girls and a boy!  The babies weighed around 4lbs when they were delivered, and had spent their first six weeks in hospital.  We used a spreadsheet to help us keep track of things!

November / December 2012

I worked in Caterham, Surrey, supporting first time parents, who have a delightful baby daughter.   After 2 days in labour, Mum had an emergency C-section, so she needed lots of rest to help her recuperate.  

October 2012

I worked in Maida Vale, London, supporting a Mum who had epilepsy, and therefore required lots of support, following the delivery of her second daughter.

July / August 2012

I supported a lovely, busy family in Hertfordshire. Their baby son had two big sisters who loved learning how to help Mum and Dad look after him!

May/July 2012 

I worked in a fully staffed household in Marbella, supporting a high profile family from the USA who took their holiday there. I regularly had sole charge of baby and helped establish a routine for him which fitted in with their hectic lifestyle.

February / March 2012

I worked in Blackheath, London, supporting a family whose second baby was born 12 weeks early.

January 2012 

I supported a first time mother of twins who lived on a farm in Salisbury.  The babies were delivered at 37 weeks by caesarean section, and Mum employed me at very short notice, when her doctor advised her that she should have complete bedrest following the delivery of the twins.

September 2011 

I worked in Marbella, in Southern Spain, with the family I'd supported in June.  They invited me to join them a second time whilst they took a holiday in Andalucia with their two children, so that they could enjoy a more relaxing break.  Baby was ten weeks old at this time, so I enjoyed lots of smiles and chatter, which was a rare treat!

July / August 2011

I supported a busy family living in central London, whose first baby was born by caesarean section, and was conceived as a result of IVF treatment. Mum needed a lot of support with breastfeeding.

June 2011

I lived with a family in East Sussex, whose second child, a boy, was circumcised at home during my stay with them.  The family also had a lively two year old daughter. 

March / April 2011

I provided live-in support to a family in Kensington,  whose first baby was born 4 weeks early.  I helped Mum implement Gina Ford routines for baby.

January / February 2011 

I offered live-in support to a same sex family in rural Surrey who had a three year old daughter and a month old baby boy who suffered with both severe acid reflux and colic. Mum also suffered from Postnatal Depression.