The Doula with a Difference!



Welcome to my website, and congratulations if you've recently discovered that you're expecting a baby, or perhaps your baby has already arrived? 

Why am I a doula with a difference?  Well, unlike most doulas, I live with families whilst supporting them and if you'd like me to do so, I will sleep in the nursery and feed baby during the night, so that Mum can catch up on her sleep, and recuperate quickly following the birth.

Take a look at the video below, and learn a little more about my approach to work, and how I can help make your early days with baby more restful and rewarding!


The early weeks with your newborn are very special – a time of recovery, discovery and phenomenal exhaustion! Some cultures have a six-week lying-in period, where the family rallies round to care for the new mum. That might not be practical in our society,  and many new mums are choosing to give birth at home, or find themselves discharged from hospital just a few hours after giving birth, leaving them feeling anxious and unsupported.

With the right help and guidance, however, those early weeks with your new baby can still be a very special time of bonding and tuning in to your mothering ability at a pace that you are comfortable with.


Few new mothers allow themselves this ‘babymoon’ period. Many expect to be back on their feet straight away.  When that doesn’t happen, they beat themselves up about their lack of routine, overflowing laundry basket and unwashed hair, thinking they’re somehow failing.

There’s a lot to learn over the first few weeks – and overdoing things can take its toll physically.

 It takes about six weeks to recover from the birth and get breastfeeding established.  Rushing through that period will leave you exhausted, increasing the chance of problems from infections to postnatal depression.

A quiet, relaxed 'babymoon' period will also benefit your newborn. The transition to the outside world is hard for your baby, so he needs calm and quiet. Of course, to some extent, life has to go on as normal, but it’s important to make time to savour those magical newborn moments which can never be recaptured. There’s the first bath, the first outing with the pram, yawns, hiccups and teeny tiny sneezes… every day is filled with small moments to treasure.

A post-natal doula can help you in so many ways, ensuring that you make the most of this wonderful time with baby, recuperate quickly and most important of all, tune into baby's needs, safe in the knowledge that someone experienced is nearby to support you whenever necessary.